Participation Fee and Format

Terms of the participation:

-Equipped expositional space 

Minimum booth is 9 sq.m.

(wall panels, carpeting, 1 table, 2 chairs, lighting (2 spot lights), electrical socket, coat rack, waste basket, company name on fascia board - 15 letters)


-Raw expositional space 

(raw space without equipment, carpeting, electricity, other service lines)


The cost of Expositional space includes:

-security of the pavilion (18:00 till 09:30 next day)

-hotel reservation

-to & fro transfers to venue


Price for corner booth will be increased by 10 %, peninsular booth – by 15 %, island booth by 20% 


-Outdoor raw expositional space 


Registration fee 

Includes entry to the official catalogue, 1 catalogue, provision of full information concerning exhibition, 4 badges, general advertising in Mass Media, participation in all events of the Exhibition, 2 invitations to the official reception (50 EUR per extra). 

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